The plant chamber for growing sweet basil on the ISS for the AHiS Mission

The Plant Chamber is a polycarbonate rectangular container, 7.5 cm in length and width and 11.0 cm in height. It is transparent from all directions and suitable for making observations.

Each chamber has 5 air ventilation holes, of 1 cm in diameter, to which we attach gas-permeable membranes.

Watering is done through the a water injection port at the bottom side, with a syringe.

We chose rock wool as a growth medium for the plants instead of soil because it has good water retention. 

The rock-wool was sowed with 16 grains of sweet basil seeds and inserted in the Plant Chamber.   

The experiment on the International Space Station started on

February 16, 2021 (Day 0: Start of experiment)

Set up operation by Astronaut Soichi NOGUCHI (Credit: JAXA/NASA)

Video: Set up of the operation by JAXA Astronaut Soichi NOGUCHI

Ground support crew for AHiS, (Credit: JAXA)



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