For Schools

NZAN offers an array of programmes, teachers training and astrobiology field trips. 

Teacher Training

Field Trips

Tertiary Programmes

Study Astrobiology at University. 

Prof. Kathleen Campbell

The first university astrobiology course in New Zealand. 

University of Auckland – ASTRO 200G Astrobiology – led by one of the world’s experts in astrobiology, Professor Kathleen Campbell.


For Astrobiology Enthusiasts

Visit our Mars Exhibition

Thanks to our generous sponsors, in November 2020, NZAN has opened New Zealand’s first Mars exhibition. 

Join one of our meetups

We organise Astrobiology & Mars meetups around the country and online. We look forward to seeing you at our next one. 

Why study astrobiology? Because it gives us a critical and unique perspective on the resilience and yet fragility of the only planet in the Universe that we know for certain harbours life. Are we alone in the Universe? The discovery of many extra-solar planets suggests not, and yet … we still don’t know. Even in the immediate neighbourhood of our own Solar System, there are (and were in the past) habitable worlds. But did life ever take hold elsewhere? Moreover, most of Earth’s big problems are caused by the biosphere’s pinnacle (us) taking over the planet – by studying astrobiology and planetary science we determine we are One Humanity on One Planet. The urgency of the need for stewardship over exploitation of Earth becomes apparent when we see ourselves whole, a blue marble in the blackness and emptiness of space.
Professor Kathleen Campbell
Chair of the NZAN board of trustees



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