Event 1: Astrobiology Australasia Meeting 2018

Astrobiology Australasia Meeting, held in Rotorua, 25th and 26th of June 2018

The next Astrobiology Australasia Meeting (AAM 2018) will be held 25-26 June, 2018 in Rotorua, New Zealand.

It is organised by the New Zealand Astrobiology Network (NZAN) and Australian Centre for Astrobiology (ACA).


24 June 2018: one-day astrobiology workshop for teachers, Rotorua

25, 26 June 2018: Astrobiology Australasia Meeting 2018, Rotorua

27-29 June 2018: AAM2018 three day field trip to the diverse and spectacular geothermal features of the central North Island’s Taupo Volcanic Zone (2Ma-present)

1-9 July 2018: The Western Australia Astrobiology Grand Tour

Meeting Venue

Hotel Novotel Rotorua



Meeting themes

Contributions in the general fields of astrobiology will be considered but we particularly welcome offers of presentations on the following special themes:

The Origin and Evolution of Life

What is life? What was the origin of life: How did life originate and evolve?

(1a) Prebiotic chemistry / evolutionary organic chemistry

(1b) Earliest life and habitats on Earth: the fossil and geological records

(1c) Evolution of microbial and eukaryotic life

(1d) Terrestrial vs deep sea environments for the origin of life

(1e) Analog environments for early Earth and elsewhere

Life beyond Earth & its detection

Is there life beyond Earth? – past or present – and, if so, how can we detect it?

(2a)Exoplanet science and discoveries

(2b) Habitability of our solar system

(2c) Search for life on Mars: past climate; past environments; current life? Potential for life on Icy Worlds

(2d) SETI & other initiatives (e.g. Breakthrough Initiatives)

(2e) New technologies for life detection

Future of life

What is the future of life on Earth and the Universe?

(3a) New ways of thinking about Space Exploration & Astrobiology research

(3b) Astrobiology, Art, Culture & Indigenous Knowledge

(3c) Outreach and Education

(3d) Cities on Mars

(3e) Space and Security & Planetary Protection